Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

I’ve got some exciting announcements for the BGDL:

1) I’m starting a new thing that will hopefully lead to an even greater sense of community. Today, with the incredible help of Chris Perea, a BGDL Discord server has launched which will offer you another way to interact with others in the community and will lead to…

2) BGDL Game Nights. I want to provide opportunities for people (especially those in more isolated locations) to be able to get together and play games. Both published games and prototypes. So, the BGDL is going to start hosting regular game nights through Discord and Tabletop Simulator. The first game night will be May 12th.

3) Giveaway. We’re giving away 2 copies of Tabletop Simulator. All you have to do is fill out this short form and you’ll be entered to win. The form will give us a better idea about what the community wants as far as game nights are concerned.

4) Game design tutorial videos. Chris Perea is putting together regular content to teach you how to do various design related tasks, starting with getting your game setup on Tabletop Simulator. Please subscribe to the BGDL Youtube channel to see all the current and future how-to guides.